Get More Engagement Time With Your Customers?

To get more engagement time from your customers you have to know your customers.
To most men the barbershop is their personal Man-Cave. It’s a place where they can get away from home and be a man. Our advice is to know what the core of your customers interests are so that your shop becomes an emotional place, and not just a place to get a haircut and service.
As the owner, control the environment of your shop, from the television to the music. This will allow controlled conversation, and more engagement. If you know the base of your clientele are sports enthusiast keep the theme of your shop about sports. Keep your large screen TV’s on ESPN, and have magazines that are all intended for the male reader – ie; Sports Illustrated, Men’s Fitness, ESPN.
With the theme established your client base will be more comfortable to talk, and share because they’re in a comfort zone. As soon as they enter, they know that this is not a place to get their nails done but a place where a man can be a man.

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