Learn how to transform your life and become financially independent as a barber or stylist. These books have helped millions of readers and can do the same for you. Order your copies today and turn your financial life around!

One step at a time

The first step to gaining financial wealth is by breaking your old habits.

Envision your goals

Know what you want first, then take steps towards making it reality!

Today is the day

Your path to financial independence starts now. What are you waiting for?

Dream big and start small

To reach your financial goals you must have the right information!

Failure's Not An Option!

The only way you'll fail in this game is if you don't try!

Stop procrastinating

There's never a perfect time to start, and there's no reason to put your dreams on hold.

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The Author

Understand how the Game works and how you can manage your own money and win!

BarberIQ believes every barber and stylist has the ability to earn a six figure income. With hard work, and the right information you can begin living your dreams from behind the chair today!

Take control over your life and become the person you want to be.

Define who you are as a barber or stylist and what you want. Then create a plan to go and get it! Along the way its important to have your finances in order so that you'll never be denied your dreams because of lack of resources.

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What our readers have to say

Our books have helped millions around the world. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our readers!

IG: clipperguyLearn to save. Grow not just your business. Grow your life. This guy will help you make it happen.
IG: clipperguy
IG: hellabars650This is great!! All barbers should read this!!! Every barber school needs to give this to their students and plant this seed!!
IG: hellabars650
IG: ryanthebarber88"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". Anyone in the industry should pick this up and check it out! The knowledge that @dlmasterbarber shares is pure gold! Much respect
IG: ryanthebarber88
IG: realwildkutzNever a slow time. Either learning or earning. Shouts to @dlmasterbarber for this great book of facts.
IG: realwildkutz

"When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is."

Oscar Wilde


Start, it is easier than you think!

Everything starts with a first step. These books will help you take the first step into a new future!


Manage your time

Time an money are the two things you should never waste. Now's the time to learn to manage both!

Enjoy your life

Life is not supposed to be a struggle. Get control of your finances and begin living your dreams.


Transform your life today!

Get your copies starting at $19.97 today and begin to transform your life, forever!

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